I take pride in developing long term relationships with clients. This helps me to always learn and understand their business and needs. What do I consider long term?

BatiksPlus – 12 years

I developed their first ecommerce site and watched their business grow exponentially over the past 12 years. I’m always responsive to BatiksPlus’┬árequests and I’m happy to see their site get a new ┬áresponsive update and a new ecommerce engine in the coming months.

Mahaney Hardware – 14 Years

Mahaney was one of those clients that helped me transition to freelance development. I developed their first ecommerce site 14 years ago and continually adapted it to changing needs. There site is a large agricultural tool and was one of the early companies to integrate with Amazon. All inventory and pricing is continually updated with their legacy backend and follows through to their retail site, wholesale site and Amazon listings.