WordPress Plugin Development and WooCommerce Customization / Collaboration with Wasabi Publicity

One of my strengths is being able to review code, understand the architecture in order to modify or adapt to a specific need. Wasabi Publicity came to me with just this need and the project turned into an exciting and challenging project. I was responsible for the following pieces of this team effort:

  • Integrate payment plans & bundled products – no small feat as I had to modify each plugin to work with the other and  still gracefully be updated.
  • Automated charges for payment plans. The plugins did not support automatically charging saved payment profiles when a payment plan was due. Worked with the Authorize.net gateway plugin to integrated automated payments
  • POS system written to incorporate the above plugin features (no POS plugins supported these out of the box)
  • Customize the advanced reporting module to save custom reports and generate and email using the WordPress Cron.
  • Automatically create name badges for tickets sold through WooTickets.
  • Misc “my account” updates and woocommerce tweeks.